After training as a structural draughtswoman in a renowned architectural office, I was able to deepen and refine my newly acquired skills in other architectural offices in the region and in Zurich.

Constant further education is part of my career.

Today I have a degree in architecture (Bachelor of Arts BFH in architecture with specialization in management), an education in mediation, conflict management and various CAS certificates in project management.

To complete my knowledge, I finished the MAS in Construction Management (Master of Advanced Studies) at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

I grew up in the Saanenland and also started my career in the area.

Through my many years of work I have noted: As a rule, building owners are busy with their daily work and hardly have the time to fully take care of their building project.

Often the building project becomes a stress factor that costs nerves, money and pleasure. Here the owners need a specialist to support them.

Throughout my professional career, I have accompanied a wide variety of projects in various roles. And I have found that in many projects there is optimization potential on all sides.

It is important to me that everyone involved can complete a project satisfactorily.

I use all my skills, experience and passion for the realization of the projects of my clients. And also, for their wishes and needs. Here I always keep the overview of the whole.

As an independent client representative with a lot of empathy for all parties involved, I see the success of a project as successful teamwork.

Therefore, transparent communication and personal support are very important to me. Due to my project experience and my training as a mediator, I always find the right tone with clients, investors, neighbors, planners and entrepreneurs, even in difficult situations.

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